The Church of WNY is an idea, not born from humans, but one that rises from the pages of Scripture. This idea that the Church is one body in different locations. And as the Church, we are called to work together. For decades there have been individuals who have faithfully prayed and worked toward seeing the unity of the Church happen in WNY to no avail. For whatever reason, now, God has given us the opportunity to stand on their shoulders and see the fruit of their faithfulness as churches and ministries from all over the area are building meaningful relationships. That is the Church of WNY. The Church recognizing the need to unify in order to see saturation of the gospel happen and for every man, woman and child have an opportunity to hear, see and respond to the gospel in WNY.


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Life Restoration

True life restoration was happening in the lives of Dan and Gina Trippie. In 2008 God set events in motion that would eventually bring restoration to…

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Urban Ministry Advancement Program

If you live in the Buffalo area, you’re no stranger to the word “Renaissance”. It’s something that has become the main descriptor for the…

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Church Planting Initiative

With a population of around 1.2 million people, Erie and Niagara County make up the largest region in Western New York. Of that population, only…

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