On Friday, March 29, 2013, more than 13,000 believers from The Church of Western New York gathered at the First Niagara Center to express our love for and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Together, we celebrated the One whose Cross Death and Easter Resurrection brings eternal life to all who place their faith in Him. “Good Friday Together” is forever etched into the hearts and minds of everyone who had the joy of being part of that historic gathering, and certainly, many have longed for another such expression of faith from the broader Church in our region.

This devotional is a humble attempt to respond to these longings, and more so, to be part of the answer to Jesus’ prayer for unity in His Church. It contains the writings of 50 different authors who lead various churches and ministries in our region and who represent a wide spectrum within the Body of Christ. We have sought to highlight our rich diversity as a Church, racially, culturally, and socially, as leaders from the City and the Suburbs, those overseeing established works and church-planters alike, each express the fact that they are a part of what God is doing in our day.

The devotional is set up on a seven-week track, beginning on Resurrection Sunday, April 16th and concluding on Pentecost Sunday, June 4th. The daily walk will bring you forward through a number of inspiring themes including:

  • Week 1 - New Life – Resurrection; April 16 – 22
  • Week 2 - New Priority – The Kingdom; April 23 – 29
  • Week 3 - New Identity – Witnesses; April 30 – May 6
  • Week 4 - New Mission – Harvest; May 7 – 13
  • Week 5 - New Community – Unity / Reconciliation; May 14 – 20
  • Week 6 - New Confidence – Promise; May 21 – 27
  • Week 7 - New Power – Holy Spirit; May 28 – June 4

Finally, the limited number of days this devotional covers sadly excludes the hundreds of other leaders who are just as connected to our City and just as important to what God is doing in our day. We are certain each of them would have added even greater insight and value to this effort. We pray this endeavor will give birth to more initiatives of this kind, where the full voice of The Church of Western New York can be even more loudly heard.

Living Pentecost Together,
The Servant Team
Church of WNY

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