Gospel Saturation

We believe that if people are being transformed to embody the character and competencies of Christ, tangible change will result in the communities where God’s people reside. As transformed disciples from various local churches live together on mission, their partnership bears witness to God’s power, love, and glory. 

Gospel Saturation that leads to transformation will require the Church to live with these convictions: 

  1. When God moves in the world, He moves through all His people. 
  2. When God moves in the world, He moves through disciples and churches that multiply. 
  3. When God moves in the world, He moves through leaders who equip others as their main priority. 

The Church of WNY is intent on Gospel Saturation and is praying for and creating a culture of disciple-making among all of the believers in this area. This vast goal will not happen overnight. In order to help nurture a disciple-making culture in a region, we desire to establish:

Common Table: Creating spaces and forums for the full expression of the Church to be present and engaged together on mission.

Common Beliefs: Agreeing to orthodox Christian beliefs as a standard we call the Church of WNY to ensure alignment toward God’s mission for His Church.

Common Behaviors: The Church in our region being committed to the same vision and outcome of discipleship of Christ’s people as a primary method toward Saturation.

Common Opportunities: Working together on common strategies and efforts for transformation, multiplication, and mobilization.