We all want to see lives changed and transformed by the power of the gospel.  Church leaders in our region preach, teach, strategize and organize for this very purpose and we long for God to grant salvation and bring new life. 

Life transformation is not easy work, yet we cannot shift our expectations by lowering the standard of transformed lives. As Christ’s people, we are called into the holistic, life-reshaping transformation of discipleship.

To get after the greater mission of Gospel Saturation we must not lose sight of the necessity of discipleship bringing about transformation. And, the scope of this discipleship work is even greater than our individual churches alone. If we are after every man, woman, and child, then we must move from asking “How do we disciple the people who attend our local church?” to “How do we disciple our region?”

Having a clear target for disciple-making is vital for a local church and for a region. It helps create shared language and culture within a church.