What do we mean when we say “multiplication”? 

We want to see disciples of Christ multiplied in our region. 

This may come in multiple forms, but the primary method for multiplication is church planting: the forming of new expressions of gospel-proclaiming local churches in parts of our geography that do not have an active, healthy local church in their community. The Church Planting Initiative (CPI) in an active collaborative effort in WNY that is working toward this very outcome. 

In addition to church planting, we believe multiplication can occur through church revitalization: seeing local churches that are lacking leadership and connection to the greater body of Christ to be re-envisioned and re-born to engage fully in saturating our region with the gospel.

We also believe that the forming of faith-based initiatives and ministry efforts in our region is another form of multiplication – where we see Christ’s people engaging in Kingdom work in whatever way God has called them to serve our communities. We see this in the areas of health care, education, business, housing, disaster relief, and other areas of social services.