Gospal Saturation Grants

In 2023, we felt a need to further discern where God is moving in our region. As our culture and circumstances change, our strategy must meet the moment. For this reason, we have broadened our saturation efforts to include church planting, strengthening existing congregations and supporting Kingdom initiatives in the marketplace. The Church of WNY, through grant opportunities to fuel Kingdom efforts, will be supporting initiatives in three distinct areas: 

Church Planting - we will continue to provide support to encourage, equip, and assist church planters and the founding of new congregations in the WNY region. 
Congregational Health - we will consider opportunities to support & develop existing congregations to be healthy, sustainable, and effective at advancing the gospel in WNY. 
Marketplace Initiatives - we will consider opportunities to provide support for those who are advancing the gospel in medicine, housing, education, business, and all other sectors of the WNY marketplace. 

On an annual basis in January, we will welcome proposals for grants and will evaluate them based on how well they accomplish the following outcomes: 

Gospel Saturation - increase the opportunities for all residents of WNY to see and hear the good news. 
People Mobilization - help Christians identify their unique contribution to the work of the gospel in WNY; equip and empower them to engage fruitfully in that work. 
Care for Ministry Leaders - increase the spiritual vitality and the ministry effectiveness of individual leaders in WNY 
Support for Struggling Ministries - develop congregations and organizations to be more sustainable, efficient, and effective in their fundamental gospel mission. 

Click here to learn how we partnered with different ministries in the expantion of Kingdom work. 

If you have questions or would like to learn more about these efforts in our region, please reach out to us here.