In order to reach every man, woman, and child, it will take all of God’s people being mobilized into His mission. That kind of mobilization will require a few things to ensure a level of Gospel Saturation that will cause lasting change in our area.

First, each individual believer will need to take ownership of their spiritual growth as witnesses to Christ. A believer cannot give proper witness of Christ to the world if their daily life does not reflect His character. Individuals must be maturing in their spiritual growth with actions that support gospel beliefs.

Second, each disciple will understand and take responsibility for the circle of influence in which God has placed them. The normal routines of daily life provide an “in your going” approach for repeated opportunities within relationships for the disciple to have gospel conversations. More specifically, this is what a disciple does: identifying relationships where God is already at work, praying for wisdom and opportunity, engaging by serving, and sharing gospel-centered truth.

When disciples understand their purpose as image bearers of God and take loving initiative to enter into relationships with those in their circle of influence, the gospel will be seen and heard. Mobilization requires each individual to understand their part in the Mission and take action to join God where He is already working. When all believers are engaged in this way, Gospel Saturation is inevitable. 

Third, local churches will need to provide support for the disciple who is on mission and proper accountability for new believers joining the church family. The disciple on mission will need encouragement, wise guidance, and like-minded believers as support while they seek to serve those in their community. This support can be provided through small groups or discipleship cohorts that challenge and continue to build the disciple’s faith as they serve. Churches also need to have established pathways for the growth and development of new believers. The Church, together, has a shared responsibility to carry the growth and development of believers. Each local body needs to provide opportunities designed especially for new believers to learn and practice their faith for the purpose of developing discipline and maturing in their faith.

This is Mobilization: when each disciple is owning their personal spiritual growth and taking responsibility for their circle of influence while being supported by the local church. When this happens, all of God’s people will be mobilized into His mission bringing repeated opportunities for Gospel Saturation in WNY.

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